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Why Google Wants You to Improve Your Website Speed?

Why Google Wants You to Improve Your Website Speed?

People having website for business and slow website, might lose many of their valuable adding clients. According to my research, when I had surveyed many websites build for business, I found that nearly 15% of desktop users and nearly 51% mobile users, leave their websites without doing any business. Even when it comes to Google, its developers have created a tool (PageSpeed Insights) to make website owners cautious regarding their website speed.

Why Google is in favor speedy websites?
You might have a question, why Google is so much favoring the speed of the website. You all might know about the Google’s various parameters for considering the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking of the websites. Those all parameters are set as per the normal human behavior for a particular website. Generally, the Google Bot is set according to the normal human vision, tendency, or behavior, and it uses those parameters, while it is crawling through any website. What a normal user likes, Google promotes them.

What a normal user wants while visiting your website?
Well, the visitors love speed and elegancy. While visiting any website, a visitor considers sites having speed less than 3 seconds (preferably in milliseconds), give a better user experience, have some engaging factor, and lucrative while displaying content. Candidly, for a Mobile Version site, speed and mobile-friendliness is a matter of concern. If the website is not at all mobile friendly, 50% of the users moved to other websites. Secondly, if the load time on mobile site is more than 3 seconds, then you may consider that you are losing more than 30% of the client conversions.

As these are the parameters of the normal user, you might have got what Google feeds to its crawler.
Now consider that website loading time is more than 3 seconds. Any visitor clicks your website URL and your website tries to get open and it takes 4 seconds, 5 seconds, ………., 20 seconds or more; Candidly, the user will run away from that particular website. This will harm the conversion rate of your website, even if your website is ranking for a potential keyword is in the TOP 10 of Google SERP.

When Google crawler visits and checks the website, according to the parameters fed to it, the crawler finds that website fails in the speed parameter. It also finds that your PageSpeed Insights score is lower. The Google stops promoting that website and elevates a better website that satisfies speed and Google Insights score. This is how the Google is going to consider your website for promotion on SERP, for business or any other purpose.

This all means that if your website, your website is slow, then Google will gradually lower you down and may bring up your competitor owing to the fast speed of the website; On Mobile and On Desktop.

In the end, I want to say that if you really want to achieve higher ranks on Google SERP, make your website Mobile Friendly, Optimize speed (i.e. decrease the loading time of the website), Amplify your Google Page Insights Score for Mobile and Desktop, and take care of the user experience while developing a website.

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