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Green Google Score

Green Google Score – What it is and How to achieve it?

Green Google Score – What it is and How to achieve it?

Everyone might be puzzled by the word – Green Google Score. What exactly it means. Well, here we are going to know about what exactly the Green Google Score concept. The term is coined by or introduced by the PageSpeedOptimizer, after getting influenced by the Google’s PagesSpeed Insights and ThinkWithGoolge, and it deals with the optimization of your web presence or in other words your websites.

What is Green Google Score?

Well, it simply means having 85+ score on the Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. The Google developers had planned and presented a tool that offers information about the vulnerabilities of the website. Depending upon those vulnerabilities, the tool provides a performance score with the information that will help to improve it.

Now consider that any website has the lowest score on Google Insights, say for example: performance score below 85, then the relevant vulnerabilities will be shown and that information will help to improve the performance score on Google. Any website having such performance score will be shown with a Red or Orange color. The website excellent in performance, build according to Google Guidelines, and gives perfect user experience will be shown in Green color. Hence, the term – Green Google Score, came into existence.

How to achieve a Green Google Score?

To achieve the Green Google Score, one must follow and improve the shortcomings addressed by Google PageSpeed Insights tool. Mostly, the shortcomings addressed are: images used are not optimized, increased server response time, HTML/CSS/JS not minified, image compression not done properly, and several more.

This sounds a little tedious process, but still wants to improve the performance score; this is where PageSpeedOptimizer comes into play. You can leave the total operation to the team and just allow them to produce the Green Google Score for your website. The team will work and will produce the result for you, which will give you a Green Score result on the PageSpeed Insights tool.

The website owners willing to achieve a Green Google Score can refer to all the problems addressed by the Google PageSpeed Insights. After getting rid of the major issues, the PageSpeed Insights will provide a score more than 85, which will indicate that you have an excellent performance website ready for boosting your business.


Green Google Score assures that your website satisfies mobile friendliness, have every optimization done correctly, and will provide a better user experience. If you want to have a better score on Google and other search engines, Green Google Score is must and will certain guide you towards what is best for your business along with its growth.
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