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PageSpeedOptimizer is a solution based on Artificial Intelligence with WordPress, which offers website optimization services. Here, the website owners can optimize their business websites and increase the user experience of their visitors.

There are several benefits that follow an optimized website. More visitor retention, increase in traffic to the website, profit increment more than loss, business status improves, website size reduces, the website loads faster, and many more.
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You can contact us for optimizing your website. When you approach us with your web presence, we will analyze the website and will provide you what exactly optimization require. You can ask us to remove all the problems from your website and make your website optimized. Our team will perform the task for you and one representative will be assigned to hear your entire problem.

You can share your difficulties and will get it solved from our developers.

Yes, the website credentials will help to access the code where optimization can be performed. The website admin only has the permission to make certain necessary changes on the website. Hence, the PageSpeedOptimizer’s team will require access to the website as an admin. The terms and policies contain this point.

It is very simple. Just go to the homepage of PageSpeedOptimizer.com and type or paste URL of the website. Press Enter or click test website to see the result.

The result will contain scores of your website based on the desktop view, mobile view, mobile friendliness, and user experience.

If the score comes out to lower than 86, then your website needs optimization. The website achieving results above 86, in all the parameters, then itcan be considered optimized websites.

Well, if you have an unoptimized website, then:
#1: Website remains bulky.
#2: Images make it hard to please the visitors owing to greater size.
#3: Speed of the website reduces. The visitors lose interest in your website.
#4: Website loses Google or search engine ranking.
#5: You will face loss in visitor count from the search results.
#6: Less Visitors become lesser customers.
#7: Business suffer loses.
So, these are the consequence that you will face if your website is not optimized.

Absolutely not. When you ask for your website optimization, PageSpeedOptimizer’s team works only for the optimization. Your functionality will never be touched.

If necessary, then the team will inform regarding the functional obstacle and will suggest a better solution for it.

Unless it is not required, your website functionality will remain unaffected as before your website was optimized. Website optimization never affects the functional flow of any website.