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7 Reasons Why an Ecommerce Website Do Not Perform As Expected in 2016

7 Reasons Why an Ecommerce Website Do Not Perform As Expected in 2016

The whole world has accepted the digital media for business. Everyone knows the limitations of physical market over the online market. Physical market businesspersons were eager and always optimize their shops with various trendy material. Same concept can be applied to the digital market, where website optimization services helps to improve your online presence. An eCommerce website has always faced many competitions. This is one among the reasons behind why businesses flunk online.

The market researchers have worked for estimating the reasons for successful online business. Using the Google, researchers have verified and have concluded the following 7 reasons why an eCommerce website do not perform as expected:

#1: Not Optimized Website

Not Optimized Websites

Website bulkiness makes it unoptimized. Several website optimization analysis has proven that any website that do not have any optimized codes will lose a lot of traffic of the website. Mainly, these visitors moved to the competitor’s website because the competitor has optimized website code to make it less weighty or slim.

Google PageSpeed Insights call often use the word “Minification”, which means lessening your website size. Most of the time the website becomes bulky wing to the use of codes that might be useful or sometimes not. It is always better to trim down the code and maintain a balance between content and code.

#2: Poor Product Image Quality

Poor Image Quality

This reason stands among the worst of its own kind. When any user lands on your website, he or she wants to see what your website products contain. Images are the best option to portray your product features. Now if you show a very filthy image with pixels burst out, visitors abandon your website and move somewhere else.
Maintain an extremely high quality image while using it as your product showcase. More the user understands the beauty of your product from image; more will be the sale count.

#3: Large Size Images

Keeping quality images ensures a rise in sales. Most of the times, such images contribute to the increase in loading time of your website. Say for example, if your image size resides in Megabytes segment, it may happen that the user will see images in parts. It means that the images appear slowly on your website and the loading symbol keeps rotating in your Title Bar.

This is the most hateful experience for a new visitor. The above 2 conditions are collectively known as “Unoptimized Images”. If your website has such problem, kindly refer to a Website optimization service provider and optimize your images. Even if you build your website with WordPress, then you have several alternatives to chop off your image size without disturbing the quality. Most of the time I have seen that the plugins offering Image Optimization reduces image size by 20% only. This does not have any impact on the website loading. The best image chopper till date can be found with PageSpeedOptimizer, which reduce your image size by 70% – 90% without harming your image quality (uses a lossless compression technique based on artificial intelligence).

#4: More than 3 seconds to load

Load TIme

When you are performing a physical business, you will see that customers do not wait for longer time, if left unattended. Similar is the case with Online Marketing. When your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, it is similar to neglecting a customer. He or she will not wait and will move to someone with faster loading website.

To improve your website speed, it is preferred to have a page speed analysis done after the building a website. Even for page speed optimization, Google has offered a tool PageSpeed Insights, for better analysis. Any eCommerce website owner can follow the tips produced after the website analysis and can optimize the website loading speed.

#5: Extremely High Competition

High Competition

Competition is always high, whether it is physical market or the digital one. To withstand the competition, it is always better to be:

                      2 steps…. 4 steps…10 steps…

ahead of your competitor. Most of the eCommerce websites lack speed owing to the unoptimized websites. So, if you want to prevail in business, optimize your website and let your customers feel your speed.



#6: Zero Website Traffic

Zero WEBSITE Traffic

Many a times, your website is new; it is obvious that you might receive zero or low traffic on your website. Still, if your eCommerce website does not provide what the customer wants, it will contribute to your website bouncing rate. Now, if your website offers what a user searches for and if your website is unoptimized, then this will make your website load slowly. Faster the website more will be the customers you acquire.


#7: Bad Website Experience

Bad web experience

When a customer visits an eCommerce website, he or she looks for a categorized bifurcation of the needs and the result displayed must be distinctive from the rest website content. This gives an elite feeling to the website customer. Most eCommerce websites business flunk, owing to not displaying the content properly, as it creates ambiguity in the customer’s mind.

Even your website mobile friendliness contributes to increase in your products and services sell count. If your website displays properly on a mobile phone, this will increase your user experience. If your website is not mobile friendly, make it today itself.


When an eCommerce website lacks optimization of code and images, increased loading page speed, and create a bad impression in customer’s mind, the business gets affected. Any eCommerce website must take care of the parameters that can affect the customer’s psychology and eventually reduces the visits and revisits from a valuable customer. Above-mentioned points will certainly help to increase the sell from any eCommerce website.

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