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5 Tips to Increase Restaurant or Food Business Using Website Optimization services

5 Tips to Increase Restaurant or Food Business Using Website Optimization services

5 Tips to Increase Restaurant or Food Business Using Website Optimization services

Food lovers are increasing in our world every year. People look for restaurants, hotels, motels, or any other places in their vicinity or while traveling, to find some delicious meal. Online searches have increased, since the businesses have gone on the internet. Most of the people travel from one place to another and they are always in search of such a facility where they can eat and rest. Therefore, at this moment of time, your website plays a vital role by introducing you to the world. If you are not in contact with any website optimization services provider, then your website might be slower.
Today, the website speed on mobile matters a lot, as people are visiting any website through mobile devices. If your restaurant website lies in the category of slow website, then you are at a great loss. While visiting any website, the customers want a faster result output. If the website relates to the food industry, then a hungry customer may frustrate faster, if he gets slow information about your website from your site.
In such scenario, a website optimization services provider will prove to be of great help. Hence, here are the 5 Tips to Increase Restaurant or Food Business Using Website Optimization services

#1 Website Optimization

Website Optimization

Website optimization includes minification of various code files of the website. Say CSS, HTML, and javascript files must be optimized to enhance website performance. Most of the Restaurant owners are not technical and hence, may not know regarding the optimization of the site optimization, in depth. Hence, for such businessperson, Google have launched a tool to check website performance. Everyone can use the free Google PageSpeed Insights tool for a performance check.
While thinking about the optimization, people might get confused with SEO optimization. Well, I am not talking about the SEO optimization. Website optimization differs from the SEO optimization. While talking about website optimization, we need to think about the codes included in creating the website. SEO activity comes in later phases. Website optimization occurs during the website creation or just after the website is created. Hence, it is very wrong to say that SEO optimization and website optimization are the same concepts.
If the restaurant owner does not belong to technical background, then he or she must consider a website optimization services provider and start optimizing their website. Even if the businessperson belongs to technical background, still if required, he or she can hire an appropriate optimization service provider.

#2 Image Compression by Website Optimization Services

Image Compression by Website optimization services

While considering the website related to food industry, images play a significant part in reflecting the products and services. If there are no images on a restaurant website, it is hard to get good leads, as the customers will not read everything on your website. Images allow customers to understand the level of service you offer.

Consider if you have uploaded an image of higher quality and larger size, then it will take time to load on a user interface. This may lead to a bad user experience.
To improve user experience on your website, always keep the images compressed on the website. Any website optimization services provider can help you with this. If the provider is efficient, then you need not have to worry about your website performance.
If you are using WordPress as website framework, then there are a number of plugins used for image compression. Out of them most famous are WP Smush, PageSpeedOptimizer, EWWW Image Optimizer, CW Image Optimizer, Imsanity, Hammy, PB Responsive Images, SEO Friendly Images, Media File Renamer, Lazy Load, BJ Lazy Load and many others
If you do not know how exactly you need to use the plugins for compression, then it is better to hire a website optimization service for help and guidance. From my personal experience, currently, PageSpeedOptimizer have 90% image compression with lossless technique. Others might end compression the website images at the most 50% of the total image size.
For loading images faster on mobile devices, we need to compress them to a small size.

#3 Speed Up Mobile Loading

Speed Up Mobile loading

Searching on mobile devices are in vogue. If a customer searches any restaurants online presence, then they are not just visiting your website instead judging your delivery power. The website loading faster reflects fastness in the services offered by that website.
Always remember to optimize website according to the mobile devices. Any food business owner must consider the following points while creating their business website:
1. The website must be responsive.
2. Mobile website speed must be faster.
3. Images used must be compressed.
Now, major performance issue with a mobile website or a responsive website occurs when the website consists of bulky images. The website might load easily on the desktop but fails to load on mobile interface owing to the large image size. Hence, the website owner must focus on the image compression to load website faster on mobile. It is always better to optimized and fasten up website speed on mobile to increase traffic and valuable customers for your business.

#4 Increase Website Performance

Increase Website Performance

Eventually, when there are no optimization problems, your website performance shows Green score on Google. The Green Google Score shown on the Google PageSpeed Insights depicts that the website completely satisfies the optimization parameters.
So, test your website now for the optimization on PageSpeed Insights.

#5 Increase Client Conversion Rate

Increase Client Conversion Rate

Obviously, when the client lands on a faster and well-optimized website, the conversion rate will increase. Happy the customer more leads are generated through the website. For better client conversion, always prefer an optimized website. As for visibility of the website of Google, you must optimized website.


So, optimize the website and make your customers happy, and yourself happier.

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