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5 webpage optimization free tools

5 Free Tools That Helps to Improve your Website Performance

5 Free Tools That Helps to Improve your Website Performance

Every business is going online in today’s world. When it is a question of making 100% profitable business then your website page speed matter a lot to the visitors. Page Speed Optimization will aid in getting better conversion, as your visitors will not have to wait for a long time to see what your website does. When we are talking about 100% profitable business, it is candid that what the client wants your website must deliver it, effectively. When your website is surfed from a mobile device, then it is obvious that you will have to take care of the:

1) Font Size
2) Images
3) Content, which is responsive
4) Content Representation and Style
5) Website Speed and Website Performance

A Developer must take care of all these points while creating a new website, regardless of the type, whether it is eCommerce, educational, organizational, or any other type.
Many a times, a developer cannot take into account all the performance aspects of a website, during development phase. A developer must not panic, as there are tools available online that will guide about what is missing.

Here are the 5 Free Tools that can be used to analyze Website Performance.

  1. Google Page Speed Insights

    PageSpeedInsights by PageSpeedOptimizer.comGoogle Page Speed insights shed light on the loopholes of the website. Mostly, it shows result for the Mobile & the Desktop view of the website. The JS & CSS minification, image optimization, server response time, leverage browser caching, render-blocking resources above the fold, compression enabling, and several others. Many a times, these issues affect a website performance and hinders the site ranking on major search engines, including Google.This information assists a developer in optimizing your website and increasing the performance, so that, your website becomes a Profit Vending Machine.

    Try it: GooglePageSpeedInsights

  2. ThinkWithGoogle

    Think With Google

    It’s a Google’s modern way of encouraging the business owners to increase the website performance on Mobile devices. ThinkWithGoogle provides an efficient way through which the online website owners can work on their website weak-ends, so that; it will help them grab potential customers.While testing the result will be shown for both mobile and desktop devices, which can also be downloaded.

    Try it: ThinkWithGoogle

  3. PageSpeedOptimizer

    Score by PSO

    Similar to the Thinkwith Google’s website testing tool, you will find the result fetched from the Google Page Speed Insights and if there are any parameters, which may prove to be a weakness, then you can get it optimized with the PageSpeedOptimizer team’s assistance.Primarily, one can check the complete website and the areas where performance check needs to be done.

    Try it: PageSpeedOtpimizer

  4. GTmetrix


    GTmetrix is another efficient tool that will guide the performance maintainer, where exactly the focus is required for increasing the website performance. Several parameters are considered, including, minimize redirects, leverage browser caching, defer parsing of Javascript, server resources from a consistent url, optimize the order of styles and scripts, specify a cache validator, minify Javascript, minimize request size, minify html, optimize images, enable Gzip compression, specify image dimensions, minify CSS, and many others.These all parameters can make a website efficient and will provide excellent results.

    Try it: GTmetrix

  5. Pingdom


    Pingdom offers a tool that delivers the website load time and size. If the load time is more than 3 seconds, then you can consider that, you really need a performance expert. The website size makes it bulky and that’s another reason for slower website. Hence, website size needs to be reduced.You can also check the website speed from the different servers.

    Try it: Pingdom Speed Test Tool

    Anyone who is willing to have a profit-making website and want to expand online business must take care of the website performance. The above-mentioned tools are enough to provide a handful of information regarding the site performance. A developer can get help from these tools and can create an efficient website, which helps to acquire better results in online business. Even, it is also important for non-developer to look at the website using the eyes of the above tools.

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